Welcome to the website of the French Lute Society (S.F.L.), a community of lutenists, music lovers, luthiers, professors, amateurs, professionals ... In a word, people crazy enough to be interested in an instrument which is 4 or 5 centuries old, but whose rich repertoire and entrancing sound continue to charm hundreds, even thousands of people throughout France, Europe and the world!

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New!  Volume 44 of Le Secret des Muses !

Four Spagna from the Sienna's manuscript (end of 16th century) for two lutes.

By Thierry Meunier and  Jean-Marie Poirier. Paris, 2015. 32 pages. Price: 10€ / 13€ + (FR : 2,5€, EU : 5€)

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see and listen to an excerpt on You tube !

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4. Manuscrit de Sienne - Fantaisie
11. Giovanni Antonio Casteliono Editeur - Saltarello El Mazolo
19. Pierre Phalèse Editeur - Branle d'Ecosse

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